Sunday, 9 August 2015

A Short Guide to Holidaying with your Pet in Tow

Avid travelers who are attached to their pets often choose to take them along on vacations. However, the exciting prospect of traveling with your pooch comes with a new set of complications. There are quite a lot of things you must prepare for before you set off with your canine or kitty. Here is a short guide to touring right with your furry pal. 
  • Whether it is a pet canary that you cannot travel without or a domesticated cat or dog; it would be wise to make certain that the resort accommodates them. A lot of places allow domesticated animals, but have strict policies against allowing them inside rooms. They are instead assigned kennels or animal quarters in the grounds of the facility. If your canine is not used to sleeping in a kennel and may howl due to separation anxiety, it is best that you opt for cheap hotels in Mayo that let dogs into your room.
  • Carry along a couple of strong leashes and a muzzle even if your canine does not bite. Certain hotels may have policies that necessitate muzzles during walks.
  • A happy kitty is a friendly one, so make sure your cat is fed, watered at all times and never neglected; the same goes for dogs. Give your pooch regular potty breaks as well to ensure that the animal does not soil the room.
You can have a fret-free vacation with your pet in tow and enjoy a delightful stay at budget hotels in Ireland with a bit of pre-planning and foresight.


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