Thursday, 16 June 2016

3 Top Tips for Finding the Best Deals for Leisure Hotels in Ireland

Travelling through the Irish country side can be a fun and relaxing experience. The beautiful vistas and the helpful people can invoke a sense of calm and tranquility. But one look at the prices of hotels in this great country can kill that mood and ruin a splendid holiday. If you are looking for hotels in Ireland, then this post will help you sniff out the best hotel deals without compromising between quality and comfort

Word of Mouth

Ask your friends, family or colleagues to suggest you the best hotels in Dublin, Ireland. Ask them to suggest minimum three hotels and you compare the best qualities which makes each unique. Once you choose a hotel, firstly check the availability. Also, you can check the local directories and yellow pages to find the right hotel of your needs. 

Flexible Dates

The truth is that prices vary depending upon the tourist rush and events/festivals taking place. So be flexible and book a hotel when you find the right price.

Try Hotel Chains

Another awesome hotel hack is to try hotel chains or families, which are nothing but independently, owned hotels operating under the banner of a large company. This not only means that you will get better service compared to most other hotels, but also guarantees that you will be able to stay at hotels which won’t burn a hole in your pocket.


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