Thursday, 30 June 2016

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Chain Hotel in Ireland to Save Money

Travelling not only involves exploring new places, but also a major part of it is about saving money on hotels. The biggest expense for a traveller is spending money on a hotel. Most people often have the assumption that choosing a locally owned hotel over a chain hotel offers more value for money and even allows you to stay longer for less. But that’s not true, as most chain hotels offer a lot of services and our comparably cheaper than locally owned ones. Here’s how

Consistent and Reliable Service

Chain hotels, as compared to locally owned ones offer an overall better, consistent, and reliable service. That’s because being associated with major multinational hotel management companies, there’s more at stake for their reputation, which is why no stone is left unturned to make the guest feel comfortable.

Loads of Amenities

Hotels in Ireland which are managed by hotel management companies often provide guests with a whole list of amenities. By choosing a chain hotel you can get access to everything from a swimming pool to a gym, Wi-Fi, laundry etc. at a fraction of a cost of what most independent hotels charge for the night.


Since chain hotels have a sizeable presence in not only different cities of Ireland but also of the world, there’s more of a chance to get a discount. If you have multiple bookings with the same hotel in different cities, there’s a possibility that you might get a discount that would help you save money along with getting a great deal.


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